Defence vehicles

Several years of collaboration with IVECO DV have allowed to improve day by day EMTB known-how in the field of military vehicles. This experience allows to EMTB to design, calculate and develop overall military vehicles.
Main activities carried out in the field of military vehicles are listed as follows:

  • Hull: Studies, Design, Calculation (Static, Fatigue, Dynamic Analytic and FEM methods) , Weight Optimization.
  • Chassis: Studies, Design, Calculation (Static and Fatigue Analytic and FEM methods) , Weight Optimization.
  • Power Plants (Electrics / Hydraulics and Pneumatics)
  • Engine-Gearbox-Drive Line installations.
  • Suspensions Studies, Design, Calculation (Static and Fatigue Analytic and FEM methods) , Weight Optimization.
  • Armor provisions
  • Cabin layout, human interface ergonomics factors
  • Mission Equipment installations




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