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E.M.T.B. - Engineering Machinery Tooling Bolzano is an engineering company established in February 1973 following a request made by FIAT Special Vehicles Division (now IVECO Defence Vehicles), which needed a specific and specialized "know-how" to support the development and the production of the plant.




Over the years EMTB has been aimed to provide its clients consistently with an high quality of the production and service professionally guaranteed with a right cost.



EMTB keeping a close relationship with IVECO, is able to update and to gain knowledge about wheeled and tracked vehicles and to acquire proficiency in the production systems typical of the large plants. The company's objective is to maintain a policy of expansion and diversification and to give importance on the value of the product rather than on processes, so it is able to operate competitively in new markets.


In 2001 EMTB established in Piacenza a branch office to improve the customers support.

In 2007 EMTB established in Turin a branch office in co-location with Alenia Aerospace company, to support engineering and production activities, about the production of BOEING 787 aircraft.

In April 2011 EMTB established in Bolzano a workshop about vehicles prototype construction.

E.M.T.B. S.r.l.
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